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Are you struggling with an inheritance dispute and need tio assert your rights?

Our office is able to offer you

the legal assistance you need to resolve any problems relating to
succession and wills.

Del Monte Law Office

is able to provide legal assistance regarding inheritance and succession and, in particular, for:

Verification of testamentary dispositions

The office is specialized for assisting the interested party in the drafting of the will and in its fiduciary
conservation by verifing whether the provsions protect the rights of legitimate heirs.


Declaration of succession

Drafting of the declaration of succession and presentation to the competent offices



We take care of verifying the authenticity of the will and its signature, with the help of an expert
consultant in graphology, the so-called “calligraphic expert”, to protect the rights of the heirs and
respect the will of the testator.


Legal actions to protect the inheritance

The office offers assistance to the legitimate heir possibly damaged in his legitimate share, through
the collation action in order to reintegrate in the hereditary mass all the assets possibly already
donated to other co-heirs for the reinstatement of the legitimate share.


Waiver of the succession

Targeted advice for heirs who decide to waiver of the succession


Settlement solutions and mediation in inheritance issues and succession

The firm assists the heirs in dealing with personal and family problems, carrying out an out-of-court
mediation service.


Simple acceptance of the inheritance and with benefit of inventory

Appointment of trustee of the existing inheritance. Our firm deals with consultancy for the acceptance of the inheritance, even in the presence of a co-heir who hasn’t expressed the will to accept it or other circumstances. In the event of an inheritance not yet accepted or in the uncertainty of who the heirs are, our firm takes care of appointing a trustee of the existing inheritance.


Direct donations and indirect and simulated donations, modal donations

The consultancy service concerns donations between spouses or in favor of children, even if indirect
or in the form of a sale. The firm is responsible for verifying that the method chosen to make the
donation doesn’t infringe the rights of future heirs.

Assert your rights! Contact us now and tell us how we can help you


    Del Monte Law Office offers legal assistance and advice, providing a team of lawyers and collaborators specialized in various areas of law.

    The goal of the Del Monte law firm is to guarantee complete customer satisfaction by providing him with legal advice at 360° and placing us as a single point of contact for the resolution of all legal problems.








    Assert your RIGHTS! Contact us now and tell us how we can help you.

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    I would like to report my positive contribution to Del Monte Law Firm. I had an immediately positive feeling, that was confirmed during the interview with the lawyers. Great professionalism, spirit of empathy with the client, quick and clear solutions, without many turn of words that confuse you. I thank all the staff of the law firm, and I wish you good work Morbitelli Lucia




    Dr. Del Monte has given me back a little bit of confidence in Italian justice thanks to her work and her professionalism, she is a lawyer who takes her cases to heart and fights for her clients justice. I couldn’t have made a better choice and I thank her very much.




    I contacted them for problems with my employer, in a very short time they reached an excellent agreement with the company.
    I am very satisfied for the professionalism and timing.
    I recommend !!!

    Assert your rights! Contact us now and tell us how we can help you

      How we can help you

      Areas of specific competence:

      • Hereditary counseling

      • Legitimate heirs

      • Holographic will

      • Secret will

      • Public will

      • Living will

      • Acceptance of the succession

      • Necessary heirs

      • Family pact

      • Trust

      • Judicial action to protect the legitimate heir

      • Donations between spouses

      • Donation to children

      • Donation for a future marriage

      • Indirect donation

      • Donation with right of usufructs

      • Cancel the donation

      • Freedom of use

      • Research and study of the provenance of property

      • Protection of the estate before Death

      • Drafting of the declaration of succession and presentation to the competent offices

      • Execution of cadastral documents

      • Usufruct meetings

      • Formal questions of all kinds relating to the succession

      • Waiver of the succession

      • Assistence in public documents

      • Activation of estate planning

      • Draw up wills based on the testator provisions

      • Succession planning

      • Verification of the possibilities of available (quota available, usufruct)

      • Succession planing within company

      • Keep of wills

      • Keep of last will’s dispositions

      • Testamentary execution on behalf of the heirs testator

      • Protections of interests, execution of last wishes

      • Management of inventory

      • Organising of heirs meeting and neutral mediation between them

      Are you looking for qualified assistance

      to obtain legal assistance for inheritance issues in Rome and province? Contact us now for a first FREE AND WITHOUT COMMITMENT CONSULTATION

      Assert your rights! Contact us now and tell us how we can help you

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